Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 Review

Killerspin Jet 400 Review

If you play with cheap ping pong paddles and think you’ve mastered spin and control, you’re mistaken. A high-quality table tennis racket is essential, and I recommend the Killerspin Jet 400. This paddle is the perfect choice for beginners looking to improve quickly. With the Jet 400, I was able to enhance my spin and control at higher speeds after just a few hours of practice. One thing I’m particularly pleased with is that the techniques I previously considered lucky are now a regular part of my game. The Killerspin Jet 400 ping pong paddle will really help you destroy your opponents. So, let’s dive into our honest review.

Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 Review

Killerspin Jet 400 Specifications

  • Material: Holz
  • Plies: 5
  • Rubber: Nitrx-4Z
  • Rubber Thickness: 1.8mm
  • Grifftyp: Ausgestellt (FL)
  • Leistungs Ratings: Speed 7.0, Control 8.0, Spin, 9.0
  • Montage erforderlich: Nein
  • ITTF Approved? Yes
  • Gesamtbewertung 4,5 von 5

5-Ply Wooden Blade with No Carbon Fiber Layer

The Killerspin Jet 400 features a five-ply blade made entirely of wood. Just as JOOLA describes the blade in all of its ping pong paddles, the Killerspin does not.

Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 Review

Killerspin does not include any carbon fiber layers in this blade. Despite its relatively high price, the racket doesn’t feature any special blade materials. However, for players who have just reached the intermediate level, a five-ply blade should be sufficient.

Assembled With Nitrx-4Z ITTF Approved Rubber

For superior spin, the Killerspin Jet 400 features premium, durable Nitrx-4Z rubber that is highly bouncy and ITTF approved. Beneath the rubber, a 1.8mm thick sponge layer provides the perfect foundation for powerful shots.

This table tennis racket offers excellent spin and impressive speed accuracy. The ball leaves this paddle much faster than it does with cheaper paddles, which can make it more challenging to control.

Ausgestellter Griff

The Killerspin Jet 400 ping pong paddle has a specially designed flared handle that fits comfortably in your hand, giving you a better grip and more power in your shots.

Personalized Memory Box

Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 Review

The Killerspin JET400 table tennis bat comes in a stylish gift box. It has space for writing scores, collecting signatures, and adding personal messages. Plus, it keeps your bat protected when you’re not using it.

  • Well made
  • Leichtgewicht
  • Great speed and accuracy
  • Massive increase in spin
  • A bit pricey


Killerspin Jet 400 Smash N2 Review

In summary, the Killerspin Jet 400 is an excellent pre-assembled table tennis bat for beginners to intermediate players, offering all the desired features with high performance. This racket is also a great option for defensive players. I would say that the Killerspin Jet 400 is very beneficial for mastering table tennis and I have enjoyed using it so far.

If you’re not convinced by the Killerspin Jet 400 after this detailed review, there’s another excellent option available at the same price: the Idoraz table tennis racket.

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