Ping Pong Grips – Choose the best grip for you

Ping Pong Grips:

Playing a Table tennis is not just a game that you can use your skills but the most important part is the selection of Ping pong paddle and grip. By selecting an absolute grip, enables you to control over the ball, spin generation and play powerful and defensive shots. The different types of grip in the market are available and some kinds of grip that professional players selected but here you will find about the different ping pong grip with their advantages and disadvantages. It will definitely helps you to select the best grip according to your need.

The Importance of the Ping Pong Grip

The grip you use in table tennis is analogous to the foundation of a building; it forms the basis for every shot and movement you make on the table.

By selecting an absolute grip enables you to control over the ball , spin generation and play powerful and defensive shots.

Basics for selecting Ping pong Grip

There are some basics principles to check before selecting ping pong grip.

  1. Comfort: Comfortability is the first part that player should feel during the play. It reduces the pressure 
  2. Control:  By selecting a good grip , player can easily control their game by placing  good and defensive shots 
  3. Flexibility: For controlling your stroke and spin against your opponent’s shot , you grip must be adaptable to the upcoming situations.
  4. Power: for playing offensive shots, a suitable grip enables you to play power shots

The three most common ping pong grips are the Shakehand grip, the Penhold grip, and the Seemiller grip.

Now, we will go through the different types of grips:

1. Shakehand Grip

It is the most commonly used grip. It is named after the way the hand shakes someone’s hand when greeting them. To achieve this grip, follow these steps:

– Hold the handle of the paddle with your non-dominant hand (left hand for right-handed players and vice versa).

-The pose of the grip is like a C shape and looks like a Shake hand  .

– Keep your fingers relaxed, and the grip firm but not too tight.

The Shakehand grip enables you to control over the ball , spin generation and play powerful and defensive shots and that quality is the need of all level players.

Advantages of Shakehand Grip

  • Great Comfortability and wrist flexibilty. easy to grip and good control over shots . It can be utilizes for  both forehand and backhand and gives you the best  possibility of serving the ball on pingpong table during the game with your opponent.

Disadvantage of Shakehand Grip

·       Player must be competent to decide the utilization of stroke against the ball to prevent from crossover point.

2. Penhold Grip

The way of holding racket is look like a way of holding a pen that’s why we say it a penhold Grip. In which , Index finger is on the backhand side and fingers are wrapped around the racket. it has two kinds . the one is  traditional Chinese penhold and another is Japanese or korean penhold. The only difference between them is the indexed finger’s angle positioned. It is the best for the player who relies on accuracy. It provides precise ball palcement and  comfortability for tournament player due to its hand positioning. It also helps in quick response to opponent’s shot.

Advantages of Penhold Grip

  1. It provides attacking and defensive shots and encourages quick reflexes.
  2. It provides a remarkable spin on the ball.
  3. It’s simplicity to learn and become master encourages to beginners.

Disadvantages of Penhold Grip

  1. It may limits a players to play well while changing forehand and backhand shots.
  2. Slightly less power as compared to shakehand grip.

Seemiller Grip

The third grip we are describing is known as the Seemiller grip in table tennis.  This grip is very similar to the Shakehand grip. All you need to do is simply shift your thumb and index finger to the outer edges of the paddle.

This added flexibility on the forehand side of the paddle enables you to effortlessly flip it 180 degrees to the left for effective use on your backhand side. Unlike the regular shakehand grip, this style eliminates any weakness associated with crossing over. You can also choose a rubber with unique properties for the other side of your paddle, allowing you to switch between a topspin forehand and a traditional backhand shot from time to time.

Advantages of the Seemiller Grip

  1. No crossover, ensuring a smooth transition between shots.
  2. Allows for two effective backhand options – inverted forehand and standard backhand.

Disadvantage of the Seemiller Grip

Less common and less widely taught.

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