Comparison of Stiga Advantage and JOOLA Inside Table Tennis Table. Stiga VS JOOLA

Stiga Advantage vs Joola Inside Ping Pong Table: Which Is Better Stiga or JOOLA

The two ping pong tables we will comparing today are considered to be the best ping pong tables in the world, the JOOLA Inside and the Stiga Advantage. Joola Inside has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on while Stiga Advantage also has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. Furthermore, you can choose from various versions for both tables. These tables are similar and there is not much difference in their prices so in the market you will find it difficult to know which ping pong table is better for you and which table you should buy.

JOOLA and STIGA are recognized for their top-notch gear. The JOOLA Inside and STIGA Advantage are crafted to offer excellent bang for your buck. Now, which one gives you more value for your money? Let’s put them side by side and find out.

In this post, my aim is to simplify matters and assist you in making a choice.

JOOLA Inside Vs STIGA Advantage: A Comparative Study

You may not be aware of the table surface; here you will find that how thick the table surface is plays a huge role how good the table is to play on.

The JOOLA Inside, or JOOLA Inside 15, is an official-size (9 by 5 by 2.5 feet) indoor ping pong table featuring a 15 mm MDF tabletop. JOOLA offers 4 variations of the Inside model, each differing in table thickness and undercarriage design.

If you are looking for a table for better bounce, Joola inside two models are great for that.

  1. Joola inside 18 (table thickness: 18 mm)
  2. Joola inside 25 (table thickness: 25 mm)

And if you are looking for a table for casual entertainment and games, then the remaining two models of Joola inside are great for that.

  1. Joola inside 13 (table thickness: 13 mm)
  2. Joola inside 15 (table thickness: 15 mm)

Like a Joola, the Stiga Advantage is a full-size table. It has a 16 mm thick table top. Plus, it comes in three different models.

If you are looking for a table for better ball bounce, Stiga Advantage Pro (19 mm thick) is best for that.

If you are looking for a table for casual fun and games, STIGA Advantage (16 mm thick) is the best.

And STIGA Advantage Lite, with a slimmer 13 mm thickness, caters to both serious players and those seeking recreational fun.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a recreational table tennis table for home, keep in mind that the surface should be at least 18 mm thick, because as I told you, The thicker the top, the bouncier the ball gets on the table.

Comparison of JOOLA Inside and Stiga Advantage Table Tennis Table


Now we will tell you about Joola inside and Stiga advantage in detail. The first surface I told you about is that Joola has 4 different versions of the inside model.

JOOLA Inside 13 – (table thickness: 13 mm)

JOOLA Inside 15 – (table thickness: 15 mm)

JOOLA Inside 18 – (table thickness: 18 mm)

JOOLA Inside 25 – (table thickness: 25 mm)

Out of the four, we would recommend the JOOLA Inside 25 because the surface thickness of this table is 25 mm and it is ITTF approved, although it is expensive in terms of budget, but the best among all the JOOLA Inside versions, is more popular.

Similar to the JOOLA Inside, Stiga Advantage has 3 different versions within this model.

1.     Stiga Advantage Lite – (table thickness: 13 mm)

2.     Stiga Advantage – (table thickness: 16 mm)

3.     Stiga Advantage Pro – (table thickness: 19 mm)

The Stiga advantage isn’t much better than JOOLA Inside in terms of tabletop. Yet depending on the thickness of the tabletop it gives a consistent bounce, it also gives a consistent bounce, though not quite as impressive as you’d get on a pricier and thicker competition table.


The JOOLA Inside features their special quick assembly clamp net system, making it easy to store and set up.

The net and post set that comes with a JOOLA Inisde may not be everyone’s liking as some users have reported that the clamps that holds the net to the table have a tendency to loosen easily.

Net of JOOLA Inside ping pong table

The solution is go to and you will find different ping pong tables nets that would be best to use with this table.

The STIGA Advantage includes a pro-level clamp-on net that’s quite similar to the professional-grade ones.  

In general, we recommend replacing the net and post that come with budget-friendly ping pong tables like we advise you to replace the net and post that comes with the JOOLA Inside. Fortunately, Stiga Advantage has included a great set that should do the job perfectly.


The JOOLA Inside ping pong table is a standard indoor table with a 5/8 inch wood composite tabletop. It stands strong on 1.5-inch steel legs with a rust-resistant powder-coated undercarriage.

The Stiga Advantage has 1.2 inch (30 mm) strong legs made of steel. They have a sleek premium black matte powder finish that adds a touch of elegance.


As for the quality of JOOLA Inside and Stiga Advantage, both are come with standard MDF tops. If you take either of these two tables, it will not leave your side for long as long as you keep it indoors and not outside as both these tables are indoor.


Assembling JOOLA Inside and Stiga Advantage is extremely easy. When these tables are delivered to your home, it will take you 10 to 15 minutes to assemble them.

10 minutes easy assembly of both tables (Stiga Advantage and JOOLA Inside)

Playback mode:

Both the tables also feature playback mode which helps players to practice alone and hone their skills.


The design of these two tables is almost the same. Both tables are very similar. The tabletop of both tables is blue and the rest have nets and caster wheels that hold the two table pieces together they don’t come apart during play. In summary, there is not much difference in the design of JOOLA Inside and Stiga Advantage.


If you are look at the prices of these two tables, there is not much difference. The Stiga Advantage table tennis table is listed at $468 on while the JOOLA Inside table tennis table is listed at $439 on

Now that we have told you about Stiga Advantage and JOOLA Inside in detail, you must have come to the conclusion that you will not have a hard time choosing between these two ping pong tables.

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