Review and Price of Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Table Tennis Racket

Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Table Tennis Racket Review and Price

The Wakaba 3000 is one of Butterfly’s cheapest table tennis rackets. It is great for beginners and players want to learn the basics of table tennis. This racket isn’t very fast, but it can easily meet all the needs of a beginner. My experience with the Butterfly Wakaba 3000 has been great, and in this review, I want to share my thoughts about this racket with you so you can make you choices easier and more accurate.

Review and Price of Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Table Tennis Racket


  • Material: Rubber
  • Ply:  5
  • Blade Material: Wood
  • Rubber: Wakaba 2.1 mm rubber
  • Sponge Thickness: 2.0mm
  • Handle: Flared (FL)
  • Handle Style: Shakehand
  • Assembly Required? No
  • ITTF Approved? Yes
  • Overall rating: 4.6 out of 5


The Butterfly Wakaba 3000 has a five-ply blade that’s made entirely of wood. This blade is quite strong. You must have seen that sometimes the blades of good and expensive table tennis rackets break during the game, but I am sure that Butterfly Wakaba 3000 ping pong paddle will not give you a chance of any such complaints. It will last much longer than you expect.


The Butterfly Wakaba 3000 uses Wakaba’s 2.1mm rubber which offers a good amount of speed and spin. This rubber is also approved by the ITTF. The thickness of the sponge combined with rubber is also 2.1mm, this thick layer of sponge allows for more powerful attacks.

Here let me tell you a downside that the Wakaba rubber is permanently glued to the paddle. By the way, I am sure that the rubber of your racket will not wear out quickly and you won’t need to replace them. As stated before, this table tennis racket will last longer than you expect.

Rubber of Butterfly Wakaba 3000 Table Tennis Racket


The 5-ply blade features a flared handle design, renowned for its widespread preference among players. This handle style not only enhances grip security but also significantly reduces the risk of the bat slipping from your grasp.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Offers good of speed and spin
  • Great value for money
  • Come with 2 Butterfly’s balls
  • Great control
  • Easy to grip and comfortable to use


  •  The rubber is permanently glued to the paddle


Butterfly Wakaba 3000 is a budget friendly table tennis racket suitable for taking you from beginner to intermediate level. The best part is that for such a low price, you get two balls for free with the Wakaba 3000. With this racket and these balls, you can learn the basics of table tennis very well and take your game to the next level with ease.

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