Butterfly 401 table tennis racket set

Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set Price

I have played with many butterfly paddles, but never found any other paddle as great as butterfly 401 table tennis racket set, it’s really fantastic. I have tested the butterfly 401 racket well. I have found many merits and few flaws in it. In this article, I have examined the butterfly 401racket in depth, which will help you decide whether or not you should choose this paddle. So let’s start.

Butterfly 401 table tennis racket set


  • Material: Rubber
  • Ply: 5
  • Blade Material: 5 layers of wood
  • Rubber: 2.1mm Yuki rubber on both sides
  • Sponge Thickness: 2.1mm
  • Handle: Flared (FL)
  • Handle Style: Shakehand
  • Performance Ratings: Speed 8.0, Control 8.5, Spin 8.0
  • Assembly Required? No
  • ITTF Approved? Yes
  • Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5

1. Who should and shouldn’t buy the Butterfly 401 Table Tennis Racket Set

Before buy anything, it is very important to know whether you can benefit from it, or whether the thing you are going to buy will meet your needs or not. So here I have discussed about who should and shouldn’t buy butterfly 401 paddle.

  • If you’re moving up from a beginner level, this racket is perfect to take your game to the next level quickly.
  • I highly recommend Butterfly 401 ping pong paddle for intermediate players.
  • If you are looking for a decent recreational paddle that provides good amount of spin and control, the butterfly 401 table tennis racket is suitable for you.
  • People who are looking for a well-rated table tennis racket that won’t break the bank, then the butterfly 401 is what you are looking for.
  • This paddle is not recommended for complete beginners, as it has a higher control rating that is not suitable for beginners.
  • It is not suitable for serious advance players either.

If you are an advance player, and aspiring for a unique paddle, you should try the paddles of the Airblades. There are two professional paddles of Airblades, which I have recently reviewed. You can read the review by visiting our page “Airblades professional ping pong paddle reviews”.

2. Blade

The butterfly 401 is a pre-made table tennis racket constructed with a 5-ply wooden blade, which gives a really constant power when hitting the ball. I know that the rating of speed isn’t too high, but not low in terms of price either.

3. Rubber

The butterfly 401 table tennis racket is assembled with 2.1mm thick Yuki rubber on both sides, which is very sticky and soft, it helps me to spin the ball a lot and control it really well. The rubber is placed on top of the 2.1mm sponge layer, which provides excellent spin and more springy feel on all shots.

Here is a negative aspect that I want to tell you. As I stated before, the rubber is very tacky, so it gets dirty quickly. You don’t need to worry, because the butterfly 401 racket set also includes a free racket case, which is good for rubber protection.

Butterfly 401 table tennis racket set carry case

4. Handle

The butterfly 401 ping pong paddle has a flared (FL) handle, which feels really comfortable in hand. The handle may be small for people who have bigger hands.


  • Super lightweight
  • Large sweet spot  
  • Affordable
  • Good amount of spin
  • Great feel and control
  • ITTF approved


  • The rubber gets dirty quickly
  • The handle may be small for people who have bigger hands


Butterfly 401 table tennis racket set

The review concluded that the butter 401 is an overall well-balanced table tennis racket set, ideal for beginner/ intermediate players. It is available on Amazon at a very reasonable price, anyone can afford it. If the butterfly 401 doesn’t meet your needs and you’re looking for a different paddle, be sure to check out our favorite ping pong paddles of 2024.

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